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Celebrity as Lifestyle Creator

Celebrities are heroes of the world and of our times. It is an irresistible fact that the lifestyles of celebrities are applied to the actual life of readers and THE HOLLYWOODWAVE is a magazine that suggests a way of life cooler than that of celebrities. Meet a new lifestyle magazine featuring realistic and specific styles of celebrities throughout all contents from culture and art to food, travel, and entertainment, not to mention fashion and beauty, which are the common interest of everyone in the world. Celebrities became the standard for our life and the teachers of our society. It was co-founded by Random House Co., Ltd. which has experienced global success in the creative contents and total entertainment industry and HOLLYWOODWAVE Entertainment, inc.

HOLLYWOODWAVE delivers world-class opportunities to world-class clients

With a global network of fandom and strategic partners in Asia, Europe, North America and beyond, HOLLYWOODWAVE taps its unequaled internal and external ecosystem of experts, relationships, access, and industry intelligence to help ensure that our clients achieve their goals.

HOLLYWOODWAVE will create an ever-widening scope of services and businesses. We extend the talent agency to build a sports business, create an investment bank, launch a venture fund, found technology start-up companies, establish a business in Asia, create a brand marketing services business, and launch a philanthropic arm, among other industry innovations.

It is also our goal to lead the way in diversity, advocating with marketplace buyers for talent from historically underrepresented groups – and for the cultural and commercial value of inclusion.

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