Turn Your Passion for Music Into Your Career


Welcome to HOLLYWOODWAVE Acting Course

In our acting classes, you will discover (or rediscover) your own style and artistic judgment. The result is an actor who is true to himself, confident, completely convincing and interesting in any role he or she takes on. Artists are different one to the next. And following one artist or teacher as the judge of good and bad, right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, inevitably creates copycat thinkers not original artists.

Unique Technique

The technique is based on learning by doing (versus watching, analyzing, overthinking) and for that reason every actor works in every class and for most of every class. And that, puts one on the road to success.

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Fundamental Style

The class’s fundamental style of acting applies to any performance medium including acting for film, TV, theater — even cold reading and commercials.

Variety of class contents

The class schedules include character and emotion studies, monologue and scene study, commercial workshops, private coaching, intensive studies programs and career consultations as well as our popular “Inside the Industry” seminars with successful industry professionals, which discuss various topics such as publicity, getting agents, how to book commercials, etc. Not only do we provide skilled actor training, but we sincerely strive to help performers understand how to be successful in this business.

Inspiring Environment

Our fully trained and caring faculty are working actors and/or writers and directors with years of industry experience. In our acting classes we have created an inspiring environment for artists so they are free to create and feel at home doing it.

Turn Your Passion for Acting Into Your Career

HOLLYWOODWAVE can help you break into your dream career in acting with unique 1-on-1 mentorship programs.

Support Program

We’ve helped new actors launch themselves successfully into the business and veteran actors revive their careers. In addition, we have taken actors who have given up acting, due to harsh instruction or rejection from auditions, and turned them around so they could find fulfillment of their dreams as artists.

Customized Management

The management team is in charge of busting up students’ possibilities through a variety of methods, including regular examinations, psychological counseling, stage manner studies, and mind training.

Mentor Programs

There are two layers of mentor program. The private mentor will be a person in professional singers or producers. The 2nd mentor will be an academic facilitator who provides a program coordination for your successful compliation of the program.

Our team is world famous

We built the best team in the world from the ground up


We stand by our work as the best in the business

HOLLYWOODWAVE has made extra efforts to ensure as far as possible that our students experience the same student life in the virtual world as they do on campus, and we are proud to offer exclusive features to our LA students. Call Us and learn to take your talent to the next level.

Our approach to Education

Private Mentor
Each student will have a private mentor in professional area.

Student Mental Health
We understand that there can be many different pressures that can affect you whilst studying, therefore it is extremely important that students feel supported during their studies at HOLLYWOODWAVE. If you feel stressed, lonely or are dealing with more long-term issues, please get in touch with The Management Team. They will contact you to determine how they can help you during your studies with us.

Hand-on Learning
Each course is hands-on learning, not college classroom learning. You will experience even feeling on the stage working with staff and producers. Stage manners, attitudes, and mind control is an additional learning scope.

2ND Mentor
Each students will have a private academic facilitator who can assist students’ course achievement.

Flexible Curriculum
Students can manage their curriculum on the online platform. They can check and modify registrations whenever they want through their laptop or smartphone in the registration period.

A recipe for Success!
All management staff is manually trained to assist students’ successful achievements. All members are ready to help with your problems, concerns, or worries on each track. Don’t be hesitate or wait for your successful goal. Let’s begin it now.