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HollywoodGo is a community platform, that connects HollywoodGo’s entertainment business to the world, creating a community ecosystem through HWC coins implemented through the Ethereum ‘blockchain’ technology. The ecosystem is made through users’ direct participation through HWC issued by HollywoodGo such as voting auditions, participating in the auditions, purchasing related products, and participating in the favorite starts’ funding for their new movies or investing in the new movies and musicals.

A global fandom is coming in 2021. HollywoodGo, which issued a fandom coin that is energizing the entertainment market, will introduce a new fandom platform in 2021. HollywoodGo is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform that creates a transparent and efficient fandom ecosystem by activating the global fandom culture formed based on the entertainment industry as a digital platform.

The HollywoodGo fandom platform has a function that allows artists and fans to communicate together and consume various content interactively. The digital platform supports a variety of medium: messenger with text, photos, videos, documents, and voice calls, game, movie, tv-show, music, food, webtoon, as well as fashion, which create an interactive digital fandom ecosystem.

Representatively, participatory social production where global artists from various countries participate and fans directly participate, 1:1 community space where artists and fans communicate, membership-type media that consumes exclusive contents of artists, online concerts and fan meetings, it is an All-In-One fandom platform that will provide everything the global fandom needs, including a commerce function to sell digital items and goods.

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HollywoodGo Coin is a new entertainment business being transparently managed as a blockchain.

In particular, HollywoodGo will support a marketplace for NFT creation and trading, and will sell digital content such as sound sources and videos, concert or fan meeting tickets, etc. of partnered artists. As an NFT that provides liquidity for IP (Intellectual Property) assets, it plans to expand its utility.

This means that fans or investors who use HollywoodGo can prove some ownership of IP by holding NFT and receive a share of the profits.

New fandom generation realized by blockchain. One of the strengths of blockchain is that it provides a technological foundation to build a new ecosystem with guaranteed transparency. Based on transparently disclosed data, members such as agencies, artists, fans, and investors participating in the ecosystem within the entertainment industry, their reward rate can be measured according to their contribution.

In addition, HollywoodGo has partnership with several companies, and is promoting partnerships with performances, music, art, and various cultural arts fields, so it is expected to blow a new wind in the culture and arts NFT market.

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We are creative entertainment industry experts dedicated to propelling emerging contents via bespoke business solutions that set the wheels of success in motion. We believe the HOLLYWOODGO brand and its big ideas are the future. Our executive-level expertise turns these possibilities into reality without the fixed overhead. We evaluate the big picture while addressing a company’s unique goals and needs. Together, our interdisciplinary insights create strategic, scalable solutions that anticipate demand, encourage differentiation, and mobilize growth.

HOLLYWOODGO has excellent psychologists, authorized accountants, coordinators, positive trainers, plasticizes, and attorneys and protect the starts.

The new changes and innovations that HollywoodGo will make are clearly the way forward for all industries, and such movements are already beginning in many places.

HollywoodGo’s innovation, which will be represented by these two keywords, ‘transparent and efficient entertainment ecosystem’ and ‘activation of digital item market and liquidity supply’, is already starting.

Behind every product decision is our desire to let HollywoodGo people communicate anywhere in the world without barriers. Some of your most personal moments are shared with HollywoodGo, which is why we built end-to-end encryption into our app.


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